About Us

  • Sentinel Pest Control was established in Quezon City in 2001. Its founder, Mr. Emerson Soledad, is an industry expert, having honed his skills and knowledge through years of study and training in the Philippines as well as in France, London, Japan and Hong Kong.

  • The Company began when Mr. Soledad and his son started servicing clients with one hand sprayer and one Ultra Low Volume Machine (ULV) Sprayer.

What We Are Today

  • To this day, the Company has grown with more than 50 employees servicing numerous clients in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors of the country.

  • It now has Satellite-Offices:

    Las Piñas, Tagaytay, Pampanga, Cebu and Cadiz City Neg. Occ.

  • Ours is a unique system of pest control tailor-fit to address client’s specific concerns with the use of Modern Technology and treatment methods.

  • Our focus is on pest prevention at the onset, i.e. protecting your building BEFORE any infestations sets in.

  • Environment protection and human safety is paramount in our line of work, thus our methods employ minimal use of chemicals.

  • The core of our program is the Integrated Pest Management System, exclusively only to Sentinel, which has helped our clients in managing common infestations problems.
Our Services
Our Works
What We Offer:
      Free Survey and inspection
      Termite Proofing
      Comprehensive Termite Control
      Termite Control Maintenance Treatment
      Termite Reticulation System (Reticulated Pipes)
      Fumigation Services( Stored Product Insect Control)
      General Pest Control Services
          * Cockroach and Ant Control
          * Mosquitoes and Fly Control
          * Rodent Control
          * Garden Pests, Etc.
      Comprehensive Feral Cat Control Program
      Fleas and Ticks Control
      Bed Bugs Control
      Snakes Control Program
      Bees & Other Pests
Contact Us
Block 5 Lot 3 Parthenon Street
Phase 3 North Olympus
Quezon City, Philippines

Telephone Numbers:
+63 (2) 9611632
+63 (2) 9611636
+63 (2) 9615056

Fax Numbers:
+63 (2) 9909122
+63 (2) 9615054

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